What are Yo-kai?
Jibanyan After being hit by a car, he haunts an intersection and tries to get revenge on passing cars. When he's not lying around eating chocolate bars, Jibanyan likes to practice his fighting moves on passing trucks--usually with painful results!
Whisper A Yo-kai that was sealed in a rock and appeared in front of Nate. He is a self-proclaimed "Yo-kai butler." Whisper is determined to help Nate learn more about Yo-kai--whether Nate wants to or not!
Blazion The king of beasts with a mane of fire! A hot-headed lion Yo-kai with the ability to fire people up. This hot-blooded Yo-kai fills people with hearts of flame.
Robonyan Robonyan is a robot that resembles Jibanyan but his knowledge, physical power, and all other abilities are greater than Jibanyan's. Stiff movement aside, the resemblance is uncanny!
Komasan Komasan is a guardian lion-dog, but his shrine that he used to guard in the country was torn down. He has been struggling to become adjusted to a fast-paced big city where he has moved to.
Kyubi Kyubi is an elite nine-tailed fox Yo-kai and one of the strongest one. Kyubi can control fire and has power to charm almost anyone. He can easily produce power greater than a volcanic eruption.
Nate After discovering Whisper in the woods, an ordinary boy Nate was given a Yo-kai Watch, a device that lets him see the normally invisible Yo-kai. He does not exceed at doing anything except for being completely average, but he overcomes it all by his bright positivity.